Welcome to the new alumni webpage.

We are so glad you found your way here!

The idea of this new website is to have a bit of a restart. We are trying to make it more accessible, informative, and most importantly community building! We want you to know what is happening with the University we all shared, and we also want to know what is going on with you – our very important alumni.


In order to do so we introduce a whole lot of pages, which we encourage you to explore to your hearts content! Mind you this landing page might be switched to the Alumni Association page in the future, but for now the changes needed some explanation.

There is a nice and easy overview down below with the page links and a short description of what you might find there. Otherwise in the menu you find a link to the Alumni Association page where you find links to most of them, but then without content description.

As this website is still pretty new, there are bound to be updates, changes and adjustments. Bear with us while we continue figuring it out, and if there is anything you think could be improved, let us know via the contact form.

We really hope you like this new website and look forward to our interactions with you!

Page TitleDescription
Alumni AssociationHere you find a quick overview of all alumni related pages of both information and updates.
Alumni Association MembersThis is where you find everything you need to know as a member of the alumni association. What can you do? What is your role? What does the association do?
Alumni BoardThese are the people that currently represent you. Make sure to tell them if something is going wrong.
Associate Advisors to the BoardThese people support the alumni board in different matters.
Previous Alumni Board MembersThese people represented you in the past. They made all this possible!
Frequently asked questionsHere we answer your most frequently asked questions. If there’s new questions, this page will be updated with them.
DocumentsThis page contains links to all the important (but stuffy) documents. It’s all that is pertaining to regulations and rules that Germany needs for a law-abiding “Eingetragener Verein”, which of course we are.
ContactLet us know what we can improve on right here!

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