The Jacobs Alumni Association connects and represents the interests of its alumni and provide benefits and opportunities for them and Jacobs University to thrive.

Our mission - For the Association and for Alumni

  • We are most diverse. We want to enable our alumni to connect and continue to grow their Jacobs network after Jacobs.
  • We are a shareholder of the University. We thus have a strong voice in its development - and want to make sure to represent our Alumni.
  • We are committed to creating benefits and opportunities for our Alumni. Both directly by our services and events and indirectly by the connections we enable.
  • We are deeply connected with Jacobs. We do not only want to see our alumni thrive but also our alma mater. Thriving is living the Jacobs spirit. Lifelong. Globally.

Our vision - Stewards of the Jacobs Spirit

Jacobs University has been through turbulent times. In all the change processes the Alumni Association considers itself as a constant and steward of the Jacobs Spirit. With our increasingly stronger voice, we want to actively shape the University and ensure the Jacobs Spirit lives on and continues to have a lasting impact on the Jacobs community and the world.

We are Jacobs - Join us!

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