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Board Weekend in Zürich

Hi all!

My name is Albena, I graduated from Jacobs University in 2014 and currently I’m the Vice President of the Alumni Association (aka Beyond the Pond).

In my role I coordinate several projects on the alumni board, often in collaboration with the university’s alumni office. A couple of examples of projects I support: fundraising and scholarship recipients selection, our mentorship program and currently, the development of the new identity for the association.

As a part of the alumni board activities, we aim to meet in person at least once a year. And we did just that in Zürich last weekend. Despite the train strikes in Germany, some of us made it to Zürich and the other board members joined the meeting remotely. Thanks to our hosts from the Constructor Group in Zürich, we had all we needed to make it a productive hybrid meeting. We were also joined by Ilya, Mark and Saad from the Alumni Office who traveled from Bremen to discuss our collaboration going forward. In summary: our primary role as the alumni board is to represent the values and emotions of the alumni community and providing strategic guidance for the projects implemented by the alumni office.

The weekend was made even more inspiring by a breakfast with representatives from the Constructor Academy and Constructor Institute in Schaffhausen who introduced us to their elements of the ecosystem. And of course, we didn’t miss the opportunity to enjoy a lot of Swiss fondue and a walk in night Zürich.

Being part of the alumni board and meeting fellow alumni even ten years after graduation continues to remind me of how valuable and fulfilling my time at Jacobs was.

By Albena Bogoeva

Albena (’14) has been on the Alumni Board since 2018 and is currently its Vice President. In this role, her goal is to engage the alumni community and strengthen its positive impact on student life.

After graduating from Jacobs with a BSc in Information Management and Systems in 2014, she finished her MSc in Business Informatics at the University of Mannheim. At Jacobs, she coordinated the Rotaract Club, was a member of the Stage, Light, Sound Crew, a proud Pulse Express employee and passionate C3 resident. She is currently working as a management consultant supporting clients in discovering the most fitting innovation approach for them in a human and planet-centric manner.