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Board Refresh

Today (while it continues to snow, in April) I’m delighted to announce three new joiners to our board! In addition, we would also like to introduce our newest auditor, who you may already know. And as always, you can find the current board members on the Alumni Board page (soon to be up-to-date with these changes)

Konstantin Mihov is going to take on the role of secretary. He will be taking over from Johannes Huber, whom we thank for his work on reconciling our association registration with the court of Bremen. Your input provided the final push we needed to finish up a four-year paperwork saga.

Safat Al Fahim will be in charge of fundraising going forward, building out a sustainable scholarship fund for generations.

Nicklas Vorrink will drive our network development, both within the university and together with our alumni all around the globe. Thank you Raju Gurung for driving this topic in the past years, and for your many valuable inputs along the way.

Tom Wiesing has been elected as the new auditor. This is not a board position, but still vital for the functioning of our organisation. In order to transition into this role, he resigned as board member. We thank him for his six years of service on the board, always striving towards pragmatic and effective solutions for our tech.

I’m looking forward to our first meetings with everybody on board and would like to thank all who applied, voted and worked on running this election!


Election Manager Treasurer

By Leo Kuboschek

ug '17 cs, software engineer in zurich, rider of road bikes, maker of apps, and alumni treasurer since 2020