Every year in fall Jacobs alumni from all over the world reunite at their alma mater. For the classes that celebrate their 5th or 10th anniversary, this is a very special weekend of the year. While there are many highlights such as the Gala Dinner or the Theme Party, simply getting together and seeing old faces as well as connecting with new alumni, is what makes this event so memorable every year.

The event is organized by the Class Representatives of the anniversary classes in collaboration with the Assessor for Event Management of the Alumni Association and the Alumni Office of the university.

Homecoming 2021
15-year reunion Class of 2006
10-year reunion Class of 2011
5-year reunion Class of 2016

18th - 25th September 2021

Homecoming 2020
15-year reunion Class of 2005
10-year reunion Class of 2010
5-year reunion Class of 2015

19th - 20th September 2020

General Assembly
Homecoming 2019
15-year reunion Class of 2004
10-year reunion Class of 2009
5-year reunion Class of 2014

20th - 22nd September 2019

Homecoming 2018
10-year reunion Class of 2008
5-year reunion Class of 2013

21st - 23rd September 2018

Picture Gallery
Homecoming 2017
10-year reunion Class of 2007
5-year reunion Class of 2012

22nd - 24th September 2017

Picture Gallery
Homecoming 2016
10-year reunion Class of 2006
5-year reunion Class of 2011

23rd - 25th September 2016

Picture Gallery
Homecoming 2015
10-year reunion Class of 2005
5-year reunion Class of 2010

25th - 27th September 2015

Picture Gallery
Homecoming 2014
10-year reunion Class of 2004
5-year reunion Class of 2009

19th - 21st September 2014

General Assembly (Recording)

Official General Assembly Protocols can be found on the Documents page. Please be aware that viewing certain documents or photo galleries might require login using an alumni email address.