Jacobs University helps refugees to feel at home in Germany

Jacobs University Bremen will offer a “temporary Home away from Home” for about 20 refugees, mainly coming from Syria, in College Nordmetall. Out of an act of humanity, the current leadership of our alma mater Jacobs University Bremen commits itself for standing up for the needs of refugees.

As they have informed current students, President Katja Windt and Managing Director Michael Hülsmann decided to provide a home for the refugees as Jacobs University Bremen continues to stand as a role model for an open-minded international community. Since the City of Bremen is currently unable to accommodate all refugees adequately, Jacobs University Bremen assures immediate assistance to those seeking for protection. This will be done through offering housing beginning in the next few weeks.

As has been announced, these 20 refugees will be assisted and be taken care of by qualified, trained personnel. By the end of this year, the refugees are expected to move into the refugee shelter in the neighborhood, in Steingutstraße. The university’s leadership underlines that “this project can be handled at neutral costs for us. We regard it as our humanitarian responsibility to help”.

The Alumni Association Board welcomes this endeavor in the light of the ongoing war in Syria, which has given rise to one of the largest refugee crises in the last centuries. The Board would like to encourage any alumni who can provide any assistance to the refugees (through entrepreneurial, innovative and/or social commitment, e.g. organizing clothes, free language classes, providing sanitary items for free for the refugees etc. ) to contact campuslife@jacobs-university.de.