And Then There Was Trump

And Then There Was Trump

Friday November 9th 2016, we all found out for sure Donald Trump is our President. Now please take a moment and let that sink in: Donald Trump is our President. As an American citizen, I am sure there were many who looked outside to see if pigs were flying outside. Well for better or worse that was the news. I myself was awoken by the message “Dear Vicky, if you need a new home you know where we are.” This was from my host brother in Germany, and this was not my only offer for “political asylum”.

No matter what the decision was, I still had to go to work and teach people how to dance. However, it was not as easy as usual to do so. It seemed that everyone’s mood had been affected by the election results. I am sure not everyone was sad, but most seemed to be a little down and out. As a teacher, I usually do not discuss politics but it was there in the air. You could not just ignore it.

Unlike the elections of the past, this one could not be easily ignored. Other candidates had been almost lifetime politicians. They seemed to have knowledge of what was going on, but most importantly they had an order. This election was nothing of the sort. This time it was a better of two evils election. Did you want Hilary who seemed to have questionable moments and email troubles, or did you want the business man who seemed a large wild card and looking to build a wall? We ended up with Trump.

Our government has changed and that has created a change in the people around, too. Now that we have a government that is not so readily accepted around the world everyone seems to be sharing their thoughts and ideas more readily. From what is mostly a place of distaste, people have found it necessary to share how they feel about things. I now know what most people’s political affiliation is which in the past was not to be shared; there really was never any need. The benefit of this on a local level though is that it has given people a chance to connect on a different level. When I speak to people I now know what is most important to them.

While looking for the silver lining from this whole administration I have found one thing. I think it has made the American people wake up. From environmental change, women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, healthcare, civil rights and more. Everyone is more aware and ready to share their opinions which means that we are keeping an eye out on what is going on. This is what makes the whole situation bearable. Now as a people we are starting to become aware of our world around us. It is crazy but in a weird way Trump being president has made us more caring. I could not say that it is caring always in a positive way, but our world cannot keep hiding behind the shadow of ignorance. We now have to find our voices and make them heard.

100 days have past and much has happened. Construction began on the wall, environmental policies challenged just to name a few things. Yet, I feel that since November 9th. History, and Government teachers have been working a little harder and a little longer. Maybe understanding of electoral college, impeachment, and checks and balances have become a little more important than before. And If nothing else we have been pushed in these past 100 days to think and learn more than we probably have before as Americans.

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Vicky studied Biology/Neuroscience at Jacobs and currently works as a Ballroom Dance Instructor. When she is not gussied up for the dance floor you can find her at the local animal rescue caring for animals.