Alumni in focus - Tanja Deisler - Serious Business Collection

Alumni in focus - Tanja Deisler - Serious Business Collection

Hi, I am Tanja Annabelle Deisler, and it has been 4.5 years now, that I work in Management Consulting. I did my Bachelors in Supply Chain Management and Engineering at Jacobs University, and my Masters in International Business at HULT International Business School.

Throughout my time at work, I have experienced some weird things. One of them was when I was on the first day of a project, and the client and I were working past 8pm and we were in a conference call. Suddenly he mutes the call and does a headstand for me, claiming it would give him a “change of perspective”. Super weird right? Together with the supposedly “cute” nicknames, and the inappropriate comments on my appearance I had to go through in my professional life, I have always asked myself:

"What do I need to do, to be seen as a smart, respectable and sophisticated woman, because that is who I am."

I started doing my research, and found two very interesting studies: One is about the cognitive bias called the Halo effect. This psychological effect links physical attractiveness to the overall success and intellect of a person.

This means that if a person looks put together, and taken care of, the observer is more likely to associate positive characteristics to that person such as being smart, and competent.

The other study from California State University, found that putting on formal attire makes us feel powerful and this influences our way of thinking. First, if you are dressed formally, researchers found, you will think more broadly and holistically rather than narrowly and more detailed. Secondly, critical feedback will be taken less personal, with less impact on your self esteem.

The urge to find corporate apparel that was both fashionable and made me feel like myself, yet be very professional, was challenging. And that was my motivation to start the Serious Business Collection. A collection for the young professional women featuring easy iron blouses, a Chasuble (an over through waistcoat) and in future good quality and modern suits.

The blouses feature three designs, the Sporty Blouse, the Feminine Blouse, the Wall Street Blouse and the Chasuble. The fabric of the blouses is of easy iron material, because honestly, who has time to iron these days...

To kick things off, I have decided to launch the Serious Business Collection through a Kickstarter campaign which finishes at the end of September.

Check it out at Kickstarter!